Civet  Coffee Cake

原料:印尼猫屎咖啡, 无乳糖牛奶, 木糖醇,巧克力, 开心果, 鸡蛋

此款猫屎咖啡蛋糕拥有三层海绵蛋糕体,柔软的糕体搭配香浓的咖啡奶酱及香脆开心果,每一口都有丰富的口感。 上好的咖啡, 低卡路里, 无麦麸, 即使是乳糖不耐的你也可以享用。

Allergens:  Indonesian fair trade civet coffee,  lactose free milk, xylitol, Chocolate, Pistachios, Diary, eggs.  

We used the most expensive and high quality of coffee in this delicious handmade cake. It is gluten free, low calorie, and has rich texture in very bite!

Serves  6-12